"It was fun, professional and it had purpose. Simply Singing’s event was one of the best team building sessions we’ve done."


It broadens communication skills


It improves mental health


It brings everyone to the same level


It relies on teamwork


It creates endorphins, that feel-good hormone


It creates something amazing that boosts morale


It brings a sense of achievement

Singing Together

People often tell themselves that they can’t sing but Simply Singing firmly believes that everyone can sing.

They design and run fully inclusive team building events that get everyone working together.

We will work with you to create a bespoke workshop to achieve your team building goals.


Simply Singing provide down to earth delivery to make everyone feel comfortable, we believe everyone can sing and know exactly how to encourage everyone to participate in order to improve positive team dynamics long after your team day.

Group size :

10 - 5000

Typical duration:

30 - 90 minutes

Check out a Simply Singing Flash Mob