Simply Singing have had over 10 years of experience creating choirs and running workshops designed for absolutely everyone. We have a vibrant community of singers of all abilities and everyone is welcome to join in. So have a look around and get involved!

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Louise Johnston

Alice Shearn

Co-founders and directors of Simply Singing. Alice and Louise are skilled musicians and workshop facilitators. Their approach to teaching involves breaking down barriers and creating positive and fun community experiences focusing on health and well being. Alice and Louise are professional musicians who both studied at The University of Salford. They both have extensive experience working with a wide variety of groups including vulnerable adults and children and individuals suffering with mental and physical health issues. They also have a history of both orchestral and ensemble experience in popular, jazz and classical music.


Emma Wheeler

Emma is a Simply Singing choir leader who has worked with all of the choirs, though it is the Salford City Singers rehearsals she takes on a weekly basis. Spreading the joy of music and singing has always been at the centre of Emma’s life and she was delighted to join the Simply Singing team whilst doing her undergraduate degree in Vocal Studies at the Royal Northern College of Music. Four years later, on the other side of her masters and now a full-time singing teacher who performs opera in summer festivals, Emma cherishes being part of the Simply Singing community. Her sessions are vibrant, silly and welcome to all!


Cheryl Patricia Walker

Cheryl Patricia Walker has been performing from a young age. After leaving University with a Diploma in Media and Performance in 2008, by 2010 she underwent a career change and started her journey in becoming a sign language interpreter. Combining her two loves, she now interprets for Simply Singing on many occasions and currently works with theatres in both the North West and Central Wales. Interpreting song, drama, musicals and pantomime she also runs her own YouTube and Facebook groups offering support to anyone interested in giving sign-song a go!