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"When they brought us all together, it sounded perfect. Together, we were better than a group of individuals."

 “Singing together removed all the barriers. At the end of the session there was a real sense of achievement. And not just that. We’d achieved it by working together.”

"Because it wasn't work-related, we were all at the same level. Everybody joined in, everyone was laughing with each other. I think the vice-chancellor could have been there and we would still have felt comfortable!"


Gary Lindsay works in Research and Knowledge Exchange at Manchester Metropolitan University. The team is over 100 strong. Gary is part of the team responsible for arranging the department's annual conference.


When you work in a large team - even a team within a team - it’s not easy to feel united. Yet it's so important to build team spirit across departments. Especially with those outside your day-to-day but whom you still rely on to make things happen.


If you don’t know someone it feels hard - a bit awkward even - to ask for something. But you can’t function well with barriers between people. You need all the different cogs working together.




People often tell themselves that they can’t sing. But Simply Singing firmly believes that everyone can sing.

They design and run fully inclusive team building events that get everyone working together.











#Simply Singing knows exactly how to encourage everyone to participate in order to improve team dynamics. No one is expected to have any past experience singing.



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