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Singing For Lung Health

2-3.30pm Wednesday
Hiya! Stanley Square, Sale, M33 7ZZ


Simply Singing and BreathChamps CIC are working together to deliver a specialist Singing For Lung Health group for anybody living with breathlessness.

BreathStars meets in Hiya! in Sale, and is promoted by Asthma and Lung UK as a fun and social way to improve quality of life for participants.

Other non-specialist singing groups may also be enjoyable and useful but will not provide the full range of techniques to help people manage their lung condition better. It’s important the singing leader understands lung conditions so they can give activities that are safe for everyone to take part in.

At BreathStars you will:

  • Develop awareness of postural and breathing patterns

  • Learn how to change habits through learning new exercises (postural, breathing, vocal)

  • Extend the outbreath through sung phrases (in both obstructive and restrictive conditions), maintaining good subglottic pressure for optimal vocal functioning

  • Improve respiratory strength and muscle co-ordination

  • Return to an optimal breath pattern using primary not secondary respiratory musculature

  • Reduce unnecessary ‘top up’ breaths

  • Build physical stamina

  • Ensure vocal production relational and supported through the whole body

  • Build vocal stamina ensuring safe and efficient phonation

  • Create connection between participants and reduce loneliness and isolation.

  • These aims are achieved through physical, breathing and vocal warm ups delivered creatively and musically. Rhythm and pitch games, appropriate song repertoire and relaxation are fundamental components to the experience. 

Booking is essential. Contact Us for further information


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