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'It's the highlight of the week for me!' - Zoom Choir Member


Simply Singing have been running online choir sessions over the pandemic period in order to maintain contact with all their singers, provide new members an opportunity to feel uplifted and supported week to week and to also allow an opportunity to sing! You may not have tried out sessions on Zoom yet so we provide lots of support to help you on your way. Once you have done it once it’s easy!

What is Zoom?
Zoom is an application that enables us all to sing in one place online, in the comfort of our own home!  We can be together, talk and wave at each other if we like! We can also take a break and use 'breakout rooms' where we can talk in smaller groups if we want to. This is a very popular feature. We can all be seen via a webcam/ camera on your device and you can use it on any device that connects to the internet. We can mute and un-mute ourselves and turn our video on and off when we wish. 


Zoom Singing
When singing on the Zoom Group you will hear the deliverer singing and be able to follow her. You will also hear the recorded voices on the backing tracks that we play. You won't be able to hear the other singers and they won’t be able to hear you as we are all muted as we sing along to the recordings.  Singing together un-muted causes delay and latency in the music it all becomes very difficult. You soon get used to it! there are lots of positives, one of which is that you can go wrong and no one else will know!
Session Resources
We sing a wide variety of songs to suit most tastes, many are aimed at making sure we feel uplifted and positive after the session. We send out the session plan and the recurring zoom link every week via email, so you know what we will be looking at in the session. In case you want to do any practice, we provide all practice files and lyrics, which can be accessed by clicking a Dropbox link we send you. We will add songs to the Dropbox as we go along and you can access the files whenever you want!

We share the recorded tracks in the Zoom session and the words on screen if people need them. The short break in the middle of the session is a lovely way to relax and have a chat. Not everyone knows people in the session at the start, but members very quickly begin to enjoy time together. However, if you would rather grab a cuppa and have a break off screen that is fine too as sometimes people choose to do this. 
Once you have signed up to Zoom and feel confident with it, things will seem easy and you can just sit back, follow the deliverer and enjoy it! If there are any problems, then we can diagnose them for you.   


Everyone has been there!




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